Lost in Seattle

Thank you for visiting Lost in Seattle!
  • Lost in Seattle is a comprehensive clickable map of Seattle stores and buildings. Currently we cover the portion of Seattle that lies between 90th in the north and Georgetown in the south.
  • We are working to include every street-facing store and commercial building in the coverage area.
  • On the main map, most areas have been completed. Even the completed areas may need some more editing, so you may see some errors here and there.
  • Shops and buildings are labeled randomly because there could never be enough room to label everything. Think of the labels as landmarks, and identify other items by hovering the mouse.
  • This "preview" edition is here for the purpose of demonstration, testing, and market research. If you are using the site to find things, we remind you that you use the information at your own risk.
  • The content, interface, and personality of this site is likely to change dramatically without warning or apparent reason. We appreciate your patience and welcome any comments on our progress.
  • We may not always have time to answer emails, but we will be sure to read them.
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