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St Francis House
Seattle Nonprofit
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169 12th Ave
Seattle, Washington 98122
(206) 621-0945

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Business Hours for St Francis House

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Jeffrey Gerhardstein ( says:
    • Francis House is an amazing, uncelebrated place that quietly serves all homeless and needy folks in the surrounding urban neighborhood of Seattle.

I am a social worker who on many an occasion has brought folks just off the streets or just newly moved into low income housing to Francis House. Folks come away with toothpaste, soap, sheets and blankets, some basic furniture. The volunteer help (driven by the lay order of St Francis) is always congenial and devoted. The setting is an old simple one story building along 12th Avenue, seemingly stuffed to the rafters with donations constantly coming and going.

More than any place with a price tag, this amazing business does business with the poor for no price and no questions asked. Its a miracle, really, this kind of human spirit, this kind of unconditional charity in this day and age.

Francis House makes me proud to live here.

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   • the business hours are: M-F, 10 AM - 2:30 PM (clients); M-F, 9 AM - 3 PM (volunteers/donations)
Visitor says:
   • the business hours are: Closed Saturday and Sunday December-19-2008-13:42:24
St. Francis House Director says:
   • the business hours are: M-F 10am to 2pm June-11-2014-14:24:10
   St. Francis House will be closed Fridays in July and August June-11-2014-14:24:10

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