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23rd & Union Liquor Store
Seattle Liquor Store
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2307 E Union St
Seattle, Washington 98122
(206) 812-8092

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Business Hours for 23rd & Union Liquor Store

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Visitor says:
   • the phone number is 206-812-8092 September-19-2012-13:35:25
   No longer state run, still liquor store, updated info September-19-2012-13:35:25
Jason Ahrens says:
   • the name is 23rd & Union Liquor Store September-19-2012-13:56:36
   • the business hours are: Mon - Thu 10am - 9am, Fri - Sat 10am - 11pm, Sun 10am - 7pm September-19-2012-13:56:36
   • the phone number is 206-812-8092 September-19-2012-13:56:36
   Name/number/hours/web update after deregulation September-19-2012-13:56:36
Visitor says:
   • the name is 23rd & Union Liquor Store September-24-2012-13:15:13
   • the home page is http://mdyliquor.com September-24-2012-13:15:13
   Now simply called 23rd & Union Liquor Store, added web link September-24-2012-13:15:13

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