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Mexican Consulate
Seattle Government - Foreign
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Location map
2132 3rd Ave
Seattle, Washington 98121
(206) 448-3526

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Business Hours for Mexican Consulate

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Visitor ( says:
    • Helpful site, especiallly the "Open sign"
Visitor ( says:
    • Mexican Consulate needs improvement with the customer services they offer.
Also it will be very helpful to be able to schedule appointment thruogh the web page.

Visitor ( says:
    • It would be nice to know what documents or pictures you need.

Visitor ( says:
    • The Mexican consulate is disorganized, you cannot walk through the front office to ask for assistance as there is a mob of people waiting in the lobby. There should be a greeter or signs of some sort in the front that tells you what to do once you get there.
Visitor ( says:
    • you can call them all day but never get to talk to an actual person...never get an answer on any of the extentions and all their mailboxes are full.
Julio Daza ( says:
    • I think like Mexicans living in the United States we should do better in everyway, so these people working for Us should post their hours on this site and not just on phone. We live on a world where more and more people use the Web, so please do better. Other positive comment is to expend your hours of services.
Warmest regards,

Visitor ( says:
    • why can i never talk to someone, called several times and left message and have not heard anything for the past 2days.
El quinto Sol ya llego m/ ( says:
    • WELCOME TO THE MEXICAN BUROCRATIC SYSTEM OF A DOWN, and their non-answearing gvmnt phone machines, coming to a town near you ;D good luck to you all.

Visitor ( says:
    • Have been contacting the Consulate by Fax for over 3 months regarding help in exchanging outdated currency and have NEVER received a reply of any kind. These were addressed to Gabriel Diaz Cedeno. Mil gracias para nada.
Visitor ( says:
    • visitante,
he tratado de comunicarme con varios departamentos y como es de esperar.. sin ningun exito miles de excusas...mucha irresponsabilidad por parte de nuestra gente.

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Visitor says:
   • the business hours are: Monday-Thursday 8:00am-1:00pm August-8-2011-12:11:22
Visitor says:
   I left several messages thinking someone would call back.... September-5-2011-18:25:48

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