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Greyhound Bus Station
Seattle Bus Station
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811 Stewart St
Seattle, Washington 98101
(206) 628-5526

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Business Hours for Greyhound Bus Station

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Visitor ( says:
    • I bought a ticket for a member of my family to get home and the salem or branch told me that even without his I.d. he could use a password to pick up the ticket. the woodburn branch then sold me a ticket then told me I had to get him the confirmation number as well after he made the sale of course and then the seattle branch did not awnser their phone for an hour straight I called because my cousin did not know this and we were not home to accept another collect call from him. they do not ever awnser their phone! some customer service they have
Lilly ( says:
    • omg answer your phones i tried for over two hour and got no answer from any of the number listed .... ugggg so fustrating
Visitor ( says:
    • Greyhound sucks. They never answer the phone. I had a child stranded in Seattle all night.
Visitor ( says:
    • grey hound needs too get a person to answer just the phones sshhhhhhsssssshhh
virginia emily olson ( says:
    • thursday, 09/29/2011 i arrived at the seattle greyhound bus station from everett. my luggage, however, was still in everett. i have been attempting all day to get someone from the seattle station to answer the telephone, after the everett station told me they did not have the luggage and it "must have gone to seattle on the next bus." no luggage, no answer. i am really angry about this. my medications and medications for my service dog are in that luggage. apparently the luggage is lost in transport to somewhere. meanwhile, my dog and i can just suffer until i can get replacements for our medications monday. i am confused as to why greyhound has a customer service department.
Terrie Henderson ( says:
    • my son purchased a ticket leaving from moses lake,wa to tacoma,wa today 1/13/12 the bus was suppose to leave at 2:10 p.m. it is now 3:03 p.m. but no bus nor information has to where the bus is or it's estimated time to arrive mind you, this is not a bus stop this is a gas station so you have to stand outside it is 23 degrees outside. I have called greyhound in Moses Lake and Tacoma they have no idea what is going on I have called Spokane they are CLOSED, I have called Seattle terminal 4 times the phone rings until it hangs up. How can they do business this way and make tickets non-refundable when you can't even get the bus to come

Visitor ( says:
Visitor ( says:
    • If you are not a package, then don't expect anything from Greyhound bus service.
stylesca ( says:
    • I just want to agree with you that greyhound has the worst customer service of any business in existence. And what's this $18 extra for each person that's not a cardholder. My ticket regular price and my wife and child at $36 extra since its my credit card. Do we really need to get the child a credit card and everybody purchase their own tickets separately. Come on now! And the phones..... I am trying to find out if front desk will be open for a midnight willcall pickup so I can get on the bus. No answer of course. And that's not all but I will spare you
hami ( says:
    • worst mistake of my life, horrible service, old grumpy driver, waste of money and time...I would rather pay a cab to take me to another city than paying these people.
Visitor ( says:
    • horrible customer service and bad drivers, I would rather walk than riding their bus.

with all these bad reviews they have I think there is no need for mine, but heck I am so pissed that I want to write my review too.

greyhound sucks.

Visitor ( says:
    • ANSWER THE F***ING PHONE! At least have a message or something. Fire everyone and start over.
Carolyn ( says:
    • I spent an hour trying to find the Greyhound bus station that apparently moved without updating the web including Google and Bing. No one to answer the phone and no recorded message with the new address and directionsn, and only a tiny sign obscured by trees to tell you they have moved from the building they've been in for a century. It was very stressful for my 85 year old mother who was--until we couldn't find the station--excited to have a reunion with her elderly brothers. Very poor customer service.

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Visitor says:
   phone # posted is not answered
webmaster says:
   It's the one listed on their web site.
Visitor says:
   tried to reach someone during business hours with nothing!
webmaster says:
   try also: 206-628-5561 (cust service), 206-628-5555 (baggage)
Visitor says:
   This station does not answer any of the numbers that are listed
   NEver any answer on either phone number. useless
   Do you know if the bus station has luggage storage? Lockers?
Visitor says:
   Is there a western union near the bus station December-17-2008-18:10:52
Visitor says:
   Nobody answers phone... ring ring..just keeps ringing February-5-2010-19:34:14
Visitor says:
   They don't answer the phone! July-12-2010-21:02:04
Visitor says:
   very poor customer service, never answer phones..very poor November-22-2010-22:52:03

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