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William Booth Center
Seattle Building
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811 Maynard Ave S
Seattle, Washington 98134
(206) 621-0145

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John Q Resident () says:
    • The WBC (William Booth Center) is the cleanest and safest of the Seattle Mens Shelters. There are beds available for homeless men and there are excellent programs for Veterans. Two very good Veterans programs, VTP is a Veterans Transitional program, a 30 man program with housing, overseen by the staff at the VA hospital in Seattle and run by staff from the Salvation Army. Unfortunately the Salvation Army's involvement is a hinderance to both VA programs. Another program for Veterans at the William Booth Center is the TLP program which is a transitional living program. Very benificial results have been seen from men attending either program. The main desk phone is 1-206-621-0145. Don't give up on the first call. You will get different information from each person on duty at the desk. Some will even be short with you, so call back until you get one you can work with.
Patrick Helton () says:
    • I work at this shelter for five years in the 90's. I was great to work there and we alway try to do our best to help people after working there i went on to do great things and active my goals. So keep your head up and keep moving one for any who work at the shelter from back there hello from Patrick

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Visitor says:
   WmB needs own website for better access/understanding March-1-2011-22:32:07
Visitor says:
   • the business hours are: 8am-4pm m-f July-1-2011-19:05:35
Visitor says:
   • the business hours are: 8-5 August-7-2013-23:37:50

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