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Golden Body Rings
Seattle Body Piercing
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7615 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, Washington 98103
(206) 329-5284

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Visitor () says:
    • good place but something bout his EYES!!! eeekkk
Visitor () says:
    • weirdo,
i came in there with some dudes and the first thing he sys is im having a special on dick peircin.. WoooH there buddie!!
there were girls too why not say im havin a special on clit or nipple piercings i mean.. DAMN i dont get it. some explain to me pleaseee haha

Kelsey69 () says:
    • kurts a definate creeper but good piercer. i got my septum and later my nipples pierced by him with absolutely no problems.
Ashley () says:
    • Great place to go. I have been going there for about 3 or so years now and have gotten multiple piercings from Kurt. Fuck anybody that says any differently.. he has a dry sense of humor but he is professional and very good at what he does! Not to mention he doesn't put you on tha spot.. he does his best to accomodate all "patients" LOL and makes them feel very comfortable. Ppl needa quit being so UPTIGHT. Geeeeeeeeeeeez
donno265@yahoo.com ( says:
    • i have been going to him for years now.....he has pierced my nipples septum lip tongue guiche.....and soon i will be getting my weiner pierced...he is a very good piercer
Visitor ( says:
    • The reason his eyes look weird is because once of them is glass. He's not a bad guy just a body piercing pusher lol its how he made a living. I have gotten everything from my hood nips "pleasure piercing"... He is definitely misunderstood and judged too harshly. Did everything for free except my facial piercings lol wonder why ;)

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Visitor says:
   • the name is Golden Body Rings
   • the phone number is 206-329-5284
   • the email is info [at] twistedpictures (dot) com
   • some keywords are rogue, body, piercer
Visitor says:
   • the business hours are: Golden Body Rings is generally open from 1pm - 6pm October-17-2008-15:40:17
Visitor says:
   Front door always locked, very secretive, scarry November-16-2008-02:15:39
Visitor says:
   • the business hours are: none posted November-16-2008-02:20:55
   freaky sign on door say you must keep Kurthappy to get good work November-16-2008-02:20:55
Visitor says:
   Dont go! Kurt does not follow proper safety guidlines November-17-2008-10:30:09

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