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Welcome to Lost in Seattle!

Lost in Seattle is the world's first time-sensitive map and real-time local search engine.

We collected the business hours of over 5,000 local businesses, and integrated them into our real-time search engine that lets you specify a time of day and find only what's open then.


You can also browse the first time-aware local maps. We surveyed a 100-square-mile area of Seattle on foot and mapped every shop and commercial building we found. Businesses that are open at the current time of day are shown in green, and those that are closed are shown in red.

When doing a search, the timebar interface tells you how any product or service (such as "sushi" or "auto repair") rises and falls during the course of the day. Clicking any time of day returns a list of options available at that time.

Lost in Seattle does not cover all of Seattle, but it covers enough to demonstrate our local search technology, part of a concept called LiveVillage. We will shortly be implementing this model in other cities.

LiveVillage consists of mapping tools, data formats, a map viewing program, and web site generation and maintenance tools. The Lost in Seattle site is generated and maintained using our software.

About the Map

Generally, we depict only street-level, street-facing shops, so mall shops are usually not shown, and neither are shops on upper or lower floors of buildings. Depictions of shops and buildings are representational, not exact, and are edited for best appearance. Please become familiar with our terms of use.

The content of this map regularly evolves with your comments as a user. We appreciate any and all suggestions, changes, and observations. You may contribute anonymously by filling out the feedback form provided on each shop and building page, or by visiting our contact page.

Thanks for visiting... there's a lot more to come!

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