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On this map:

Building (Show only)
map it 4124 11th Ave NE
map it 4144 11th Ave NE
map it Avalon Apts
map it Buccaneer Apts
map it Campus Heights Apts
map it Carlstrom Apts
map it Carol/Roberta Apts
map it Clifton Apts
map it Condon Hall - UW
map it El Monterey
map it Executive Bldg
map it Former Carter Hall Apts
map it Highland Apts
map it Kelly Anne Apts
map it Kelsey Apts
map it La Mirada Apts
map it Lakeview Apts
map it Lee & Lee Apts
map it Lee & Lee Apts
map it Locke Apts
map it Maplewood Apts
map it Metro Corrosion Plant
map it Pingkit Court Apts
map it Portage Bay Apts
map it Regent Court
map it Shannon Apts
map it Silver Apts
map it Terry/Lander Hall
map it The Collegiana Inn
map it The Hazelton
map it UW Medical Center Roosevelt
map it University Friends Mtg
map it University Inn
map it Warren Office Bldg
map it Westwood Apts
map it Westwood Apts
map it Westwood Apts

Garment Services (Show only)
map it Campus Dry Cleaning 2 hr, 27 m

Home Improvement (Show only)
map it Hardwick's Swap Shop 2 hr, 27 m

Hotel (Show only)
map it University Inn 168:00
map it Watertown 168:00

Insurance (Show only)
map it C Don Filer Agency

Nonprofit (Show only)
map it One by One

Organization (Show only)
map it Jack Straw Productions 49 hr, 57 m
map it PCC Co-op Office 1 hr, 27 m

Restaurant (Show only)
map it Portage Bay Cafe 1 hr, 27 m

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